ACTIVITY 8: Handout 5

Editorís Feedback Form

Please read your partnerís letter and complete this form to give your partner useful feedback.

Name of letter writer:


Name of editor:


1. Does the letter use courteous and respectful language? If not, what language might be considered impolite or disrespectful? How else might the same idea be expressed more respectfully?


2. Is the letter clear in its statement of the human rights abuse? If not, where and how might the letter writer express these abuses?


3. Does the letter clearly state what actions the author would like to see the government official take? If not, where and how could the letter writer make such requests?


4. Is the letter free from grammatical and spelling errors? Does it look clean and professional? (Remember that proper grammar and spelling are a way to show respect to the recipient of the letter.) Underline any spelling or grammatical errors.