Human Rights Education: The 4th R, Human Rights Education
and the Arts, vol. 7 No. 1, Winter 1996.

Photography and Video

Photojournalist Documents Conditions in Latin America

Patricia Moore of Austin, Texas is a documentary photographer who specializes in human rights work directly benefiting grassroots organizations. Moore’s exhibits have toured the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia and serve as a visual aid at international conferences of civil rights organizations and human rights organizations that she documents. Moore publishes “docu-zines,” small photo-booklets which accompany the exhibits. Her docu-zines both detail the causes behind the civil strife and poverty as well as expose the repression and human rights abuses in Guatemala and other Latin American countries. For more information, contact her at 512-480-0568 or <>.

You Got the Right: A Multi-Media Approach to Human Rights Education

“You Got the Right,” a music video documentary and companion study guide, is designed to generate awareness for worldwide human rights and provide an accessible means of educating the public. The keystone of the project is the song, “You Got the Right,” a marriage of pop music, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and topical imagery, all presented as a consciousness-raising tool. The ultimate intent of these works is to foster global awareness of human rights and encourage people to take a more active role in the world community. The YGTR (You Got the Right) Foundation held a Human Rights Day celebration on Sunday, December 10, 1995 at EXPO in New York City, with a special taping of the You Got the Right! music video.

AIUSA’s Human Rights Education Steering Committee is assisting in the development of the companion study guide, and will facilitate field testing of this exciting educational package. For more information about field testing, contact Janet Schmidt, University of Minnesota Human Rights Center, (612-626-0041) or by email <>.

Rights from the Heart/ Droits au Coeur

The Animation Studio of the National Film Board of Canada French Program, in collaboration with the Canadian International Development Agency, Canadian Heritage, Health Canada, Societé Radio-Canada, and Premier Medien GmbH & Co. KG, have produced 14 animated films inspired by the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Part 1 includes 7 short films intended for children from ages 5-8, with a total length of 36 minutes. Part 2 is intended for 9-12 year olds, and includes 7 short films with a total length of 44 minutes. Each part comes with a Resource Guide, which explains the articles of the Convention that inspired each film and provides additional information for teachers. Rights from the Heart is designed to make children aware of their rights, to encourage them to practice the values illustrated in the films, to help them learn to respect themselves and others, and to help them be more accepting of cultural differences.

Order Rights from the Heart/Droits au Coeur from National Film Board of Canada, Rights from the Heart, D-5, P.O. Box 6100, Station Centre-ville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 3H5, tel. 800-267-7710 (in Canada only), fax 514-496-2573.



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