Human Rights Education: The 4th R, Human Rights Education
Resource Guide, Vol. 6, No.1 summer 1994.

Gays and Lesbians

Amnesty International Human Rights Educators' Network and Amnesty International Members for Lesbian and Gay Concerns (1994). Breaking the Classroom Silence. Chicago: AI-USA, 53 West Jackson, Room 1162, Chicago, IL 60604, tel 312-427-2060.

This curriculum for teachers of high school students and adults contains six lessons which explore gay and lesbian issues in the context of broader human rights issues. Also included: resources for gay and lesbian youth, extensive bibliography, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (official and children's version).

A Guide to Leading Introductory Workshops on Homophobia (1990). Cambridge: The Campaign to End Homophobia. $12.00. The Campaign to End Homophobia, P.O. Box 819, Cambridge, MA 02139, tel 617-868-8280.

Written for a facilitator with little experience. Excellent activities.

Homophobia: Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation (1989). Los Angeles: Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation/LA, P.O. Box 741346 Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Excellent curriculum used in Los Angeles Unified School District, modeled after the World of Difference Program.

Hunter, Nan, et al. (1992). The Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University. ISBN 0-80931-634-X. Tel 618-453-6633.

The book provides an overview of legal doctrine to assist people in asserting their rights provided by law. It is written for people facing discrimination or legal uncertainty in criminal matters, security clearances, and AIDS and HIV infection.

NYC Board of Education (1989). Multicultural Education Curriculum: Learning Activities for 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Classes. New York: NYC Board of Education, Office for the Lesbian and Gay Community, 52 Chambers St., Rm. 311, New York, NY, 10007, tel 212-566-7385.

Nine units for 7th & 8th grade that can be used in other classes.

Opening Doors to Understanding and Acceptance. Compiled by Kathy Obear. Cambridge: The Campaign to End Homophobia. $12.00. The Campaign to End Homophobia, P.O. Box 819, Cambridge, MA, 02139, tel 617-868-8280.

Lesson plans for workshops to combat homophobia, for the more experienced workshop leader. Contains a wide variety of activities.

The Philadelphia Inquirer (December 15, 1986). "Prejudice and Pride." Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Inquirer, Educational Supplement.

Worksheets and information, looks at how differences in race, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability can make people feel pride or prejudice.

Reynolds, Susan, Gary Remafedi, John Yoakman, and Kevin Cwayna (1991). Surviving AIDS: Simple Answers to Complex Questions about AIDS and Adolescent Homosexuality. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Youth AIDS Project. $5.00. Adolescent Health Program, Box 721, UMHC, Harvard Street at East River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55455, tel 612-627-6820.

The manual uses a question and answer format to discuss "Adolescents and AIDS," "Homosexuality," "Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adolescents," "Intervention Strategies," and "AIDS Prevention for Gay Teenagers." This publication includes appendices on resources, suggested books, and facts about AIDS and gay youth

Thompson, Cooper (1985). As Boys Become Men: Learning New Male Roles. New York: Irvington Pub. $12.00. The Campaign to End Homophobia, P.O. Box 819, Cambridge, MA, 02139, tel 617-868-8280.

Learning activities to explore male role stereotypes for high schools and other programs working with youth.

Thompson, Cooper (1988). Mutual Caring, Mutual Sharing. Dover, NH: The Clinic. $12.00. The Clinic, P.O. Box 791, Dover, NH 03820, tel 603-749-2346.

Sixteen units integrating a wide scope of topics into sexuality education programs for adolescents. Very little on homosexuality. Sex ed., rather than denial, is supported.

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