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Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination, Papua New Guinea, U.N. Doc. A/49/18, paras. 92-105 (1994).






Papua New Guinea

92. In its concluding observations adopted at its forty-first session (A/47/18, paras. 265-266) and at its forty-third session (A/48/18, paras. 566-573) the Committee requested further information from the Government of Papua New Guinea on the situation in Bougainville, in accordance with article 9, paragraph 1, of the Convention. No information was received in response to those requests.

93. The Committee considered the implementation of the Convention in Papua New Guinea at its 1060th meeting, on 12 August 1994 (see CERD/C/SR.1060).

94. Members of the Committee focused on the situation in Bougainville, which was one of the State party's most resource-rich areas and had the world's largest copper mine.

95. Members of the Committee expressed concern over statements that numerous human rights violations, including summary executions and population transfers, had been committed. They also expressed deep concern about the large-scale mining operations in Bougainville.

96. Members emphasized that the situation of human rights in Papua New Guinea was not solely an internal matter and that the continued refusal to cooperate with and to report to the Committee constituted a violation of an international obligation.

97. Members noted that a national commission for human rights had been set up by the Government of the State party, which could be a useful contact for the Centre for Human Rights and for the Committee.

Concluding observations

98. At its 1067th meeting, on 18 August 1994, the Committee adopted the following concluding observations.

(a) Principal subjects of concern

99. The Committee regrets that the State party has not fulfilled its obligation under article 9, paragraph 1, of the Convention, to report regularly on the legislative, judicial, administrative and other measures which have been adopted to give effect to the provisions of the Convention. The Committee also deeply regrets that no information has been received pursuant to the requests made at its forty-first and forty-third sessions. The Committee reiterates that, in accordance with the Convention, the Government is under an international obligation to cooperate with the Committee.

100. The Committee is gravely concerned at reports of serious human rights violations, including summary executions and population transfers in Bougainville, where the population is ethnically distinct.

101. The Committee continues to be concerned about the possible resumption of large-scale mining operations in Bougainville without due regard to the rights of the population and the effects of environmental degradation.

(b) Suggestions and recommendations

102. The Committee strongly urges that the Government of Papua New Guinea resume its dialogue with the Committee and thus fulfil its obligation under the Convention. In that regard, the Committee reiterates its request for information about the implementation of the Convention in general and the situation prevailing in Bougainville in particular. The Committee suggests that the State party avail itself of the services of the Centre for Human Rights in the preparation of its reports.

103. The Committee suggests that the Government of Papua New Guinea cooperate with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

104. The Committee again requests that information concerning the human rights situation in the whole territory of Papua New Guinea that is available to the Secretary-General be shared with the Committee.

105. The Committee again expresses its willingness to accept any request which may be made by the Government of Papua New Guinea to provide technical assistance with a view to re-establishing a dialogue between the Government and the group controlling Bougainville or any part thereof.



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