University of Minnesota

Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination, Gambia, U.N. Doc. A/56/18, paras. 221-223 (2001).



Convention Abbreviation: CERD
58th session
6-23 March 2001


221. At its 1463rd meeting, on 22 March 2001 (see CERD/C/SR.1463), the Committee reviewed the implementation of the Convention by Gambia based upon the concluding observations 1 of its initial report (CERD/C/61/Add.3) in 1980 and previous reviews 2 of the implementation of the Convention in 1991 and 1996. The Committee noted with regret that no report had been submitted to the Committee since 1980.

222. The Committee regretted that Gambia had not responded to its invitation to participate in the meeting and to furnish relevant information. The Committee decided that a communication should be sent to the Government of Gambia setting out its reporting obligations under the Convention and urging that the dialogue with the Committee should resume as soon as possible.

223. The Committee suggested that the Government of Gambia avail itself of the technical assistance offered under the advisory services and technical assistance programme of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, with the aim of drawing up and submitting as soon as possible a report drafted in accordance with the reporting guidelines.


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