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Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination, Croatia, U.N. Doc. A/49/18, paras. 26-29 (1994).







26. In its decision 1 (42), the Committee had expressed its grave concern over the ongoing ethnic conflict taking place in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and had requested the Government of Croatia, as well as other successor Governments, to submit by 31 July 1993 additional information on the implementation of the Convention in its territory. That information (see CERD/C/249 and HRI/CORE/1/Add.32) was considered by the Committee at its 1002nd meeting (forty-third session) on 12 August 1993 (see CERD/C/SR.1002). During the consideration of that information, the representative of the State party invited the Committee to send one of its members to Croatia in order to clarify its concerns to the Government and to assist it in adapting its legislation and policies to the requirements of the Convention (see A/48/18, para. 487).

27. In its concluding observations, the Committee noted the invitation extended to it by the representative and requested the State party to confirm by 1 October 1993 if it agreed that a mission be undertaken by the country rapporteur, Mr. Mario Yutzis, under the Advisory Services and Technical Assistance Programme of the Centre for Human Rights to assist the Government in reporting on the implementation of the Convention. Confirmation was subsequently received and the mission was undertaken from 21 to 25 March 1994.

28. During his mission, Mr. Yutzis met with numerous officials from various government ministries and the Supreme Court and discussed with them a wide range of issues under the Convention including: the drafting and implementation of legislation on ethnic and national minorities; the role of an independent electronic media in creating an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding; conditions at alien reception centres and policies concerning refugees; and the access of "foreign" persons to educational, health and other benefits.

29. At its 1062nd meeting (forty-fifth session), on 15 August 1994, the Committee considered the report of Mr. Yutzis on his mission. As a result of that consideration, the Committee requested its chairman to address a letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia expressing the Committee's appreciation to the Government for the cooperation and assistance extended to Mr. Yutzis during his mission and reiterating the Committee's request that the State party provide further information, as set out in its concluding observations adopted at its forty-third session (see A/48/18, paras. 496-506). In his letter, the chairman indicated that the further information requested by the Committee should be submitted no later than 1 December 1994 so that it might be considered by the Committee at its forty-sixth session (27 February-17 March 1995). The Committee also expressed its readiness, should the Government so request, to send one of its members, within the framework of the Advisory Services and Technical Assistance Programme of the Centre for Human Rights, to assist the Government on any matter it deemed appropriate, with a view to implementing the provisions of the Convention.




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