U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/1994/31 (1994)(Nigel Rodley, Special Rapporteur).


Information transmitted to the Government

202. By letter dated 26 August 1993 the Special Rapporteur drew the attention of the Government to the cases of the following six persons reported to have been tortured in establishments of the Office for the Investigation of Offences (OID).

203. William Fausto Andrade was arrested on 6 June 1992 at his home in the parish of El Eno, Sucumbios province, region of Amazonas, by two uniformed policemen and four plainclothed individuals who accused him of being involved in the death of a particular person. He was taken to the police station at Lago Agrio, and a few hours later, five policemen reportedly took him to the banks of the Aguarico river where he was interrogated and tortured.

204. Víctor Hugo Cadena was arrested by two policemen on 25 July 1992 in a street in the district of Atahualpa, southern Quito, and taken to the OID at Pichincha. Here he was blindfolded, handcuffed and interrogated by four policemen in connection with the theft of some motorcycles. According to the information received, the policemen kicked him in the stomach and legs, suspended him with his hands tied behind his back and subjected him to electric shocks. Upon his release three days later he lodged a complaint with the OID headquarters as a result of which he reportedly received threats from certain OID officers.

205. Julio Lara Terán was arrested on 17 July 1992 in a northern district of the city of Quito and taken to the Pre-trial Detention Centre (CDP). The next day he was taken to the offices of the OID at Pichincha where he was interrogated in connection with a robbery. During the interrogation he was allegedly suspended by his arms, one of which was fractured in the process. He was then taken back to the CDP where he remained, reportedly without medical attention, until 29 July, when he was released.

206. Felipe Moreira Chávez was arrested by the police on 20 August 1992 in Quevedo, province of Los Ríos, on suspicion of having held up a bank. He was taken to the OID where he died, reportedly as a result of the torture to which he was subjected, in particular electric shocks.

207. Luis Olmedo Aguilera López was arrested by a policeman of the Pichincha OID on 24 February 1993 at his home at Pintag, near Quito, on accusation of stealing cattle, and taken to the CDP in Quito. The next day he was transferred to the Pichincha OID where his friends and relatives reportedly detected signs that he had been severely beaten and observed that he walked with difficulty. On 2 March he was reportedly taken to the Third National Police Station of the canton of Quito and then back to the CDP. The same day he had to be taken to Eugenio Espejo hospital, where he died. According to the autopsy report, his body was bruised.

208. José Ignacio Chauvín, 17 years old, was arrested on 14 February 1993 in the city of Quito by policemen who took him to a police building where he was allegedly handcuffed to a chair and beaten in the face and stomach and on the soles of his feet. A few hours later he was released near the district of El Ejido.

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