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Procedural Decisions of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Situation in Darfur, Sudan, U.N. Doc. CERD/C/DEC/SDN/1 (2005).


Decision 2 (66) : Sudan. 27/04/2005.
CERD/C/DEC/SDN/1. (Decision)

Sixty-sixth session
21 February – 11 March 2005

Decision 2 (66)

Situation in Darfur

The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,

Taking into consideration its regular practices as well as its obligation to inform, under its early warning and urgent action procedure, of any warning signals that a situation may deteriorate still further,

Referring to its decision 1(65) of 18 August 2004 on the same subject,

Recalling its Declaration on the Prevention of Genocide of 11 March 2005,

Recommends to the Secretary-General, and through him, to the Security Council, the deployment, without further delay, of a sufficiently enlarged African Union force in Darfur with a Security Council mandate to protect the civilian population, including those in camps, displaced persons and refugees returning to their homes in Darfur, against war crimes, crimes against humanity and the risk of genocide.

1701st meeting
11 March 2005


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