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Procedural Decisions of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, Twenty-third Session, U.N. Doc. A/55/38 at 49 (2000).



Decisions of the Twenty-third Session : . 30/06/2000.
A/55/38,pg.49. (Decision)

Convention Abbreviation: CEDAW
Decisions of the Twenty-third Session

Decision 23/I : Revised rules of procedure

The Committee decided to adopt the revised rules of procedure (CEDAW/C/2000/I/WG.1/WP.1) as to substance, but subject to editing by the Secretariat, in consultation with Ms. Silvia Cartwright. The rules of procedure would be adopted in final form at the twenty-fourth session of the Committee in January/February 2001.

Decision 23/II : Overdue reports required under article 18 of the Convention

The Committee decided, on an exceptional basis and as a temporary measure in order to address the backlog of reports awaiting consideration and encourage States parties to fulfil their reporting obligations within article 18 of the Convention, to invite States parties with overdue reports to combine these outstanding reports in a single document. The Committee decided that the Secretariat should inform the relevant States parties of this decision.

Decision 23/III : General recommendation on article 4 of the Convention

The Committee decided to prepare a general recommendation on article 4 of the Convention. Bearing in mind the Committee's three-stage process for the preparation of general recommendations adopted at its seventeenth session, the Committee decided that a general discussion and exchange of views with specialized agencies, other bodies of the United Nations system and non-governmental organizations should take place during its twenty-fourth session in January/February 2001.


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