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Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture, Kuwait, U.N. Doc. A/53/44, paras. 220-231 (1998).



Convention Abbreviation: CAT
Twentieth session
4 - 22 May 1998

Concluding observations of the Committee against Torture


220. The Committee considered the initial report of Kuwait (CAT/C/37/Add.1) at its 334th and 335th meetings, on 13 May 1998 (CAT/C/SR.334 and 335), and adopted the following conclusions and recommendations.

1. Introduction

221. Kuwait acceded to the Convention against Torture on 8 March 1996 and its initial report was due on 7 March 1997. The report was received in timely fashion on 15 October 1997.

222. The report accords generally with the guidelines for such reports.

2. Positive aspects

223. Kuwait seems to have in place the necessary legal institutions to combat torture.

224. Kuwait has confronted incidents of torture and prosecuted those responsible.

225. The Committee views as a positive step the setting up of a government-funded Torture Victims' Rehabilitation Centre in Kuwait.

3. Factors and difficulties impeding the application of the provisions of the Convention

226. The Committee is not aware of any factors that might impede the application of the provisions of the Convention.

4. Subjects of concern

227. The Committee is concerned that there is no defined crime of torture in Kuwait.

5. Recommendations

228. The Committee recommends that Kuwait consider withdrawing its reservations to the Committee's article 20 jurisdiction.

229. The Committee also recommends that Kuwait consider declaring in favour of articles 21 and 22 of the Convention.

230. The Committee further recommends that Kuwait consider enacting in its Criminal Code a defined crime of torture or, if the Convention applies by incorporation, an independent crime of torture.

231. The Committee looks forward to the additional explanations to be provided to it in writing as promised.


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