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Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture, Greece, U.N. Doc. A/49/44, paras. 148-158 (1994).



Convention Abbreviation: CAT


Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture


148. The Committee considered the second periodic report of Greece (CAT/C/20/Add.2) at its 181st and 182nd meetings, held on 22 April 1994 (CAT/C/SR.181 and 182) and has adopted the following conclusions and recommendations:

A. Introduction
149. The Committee thanks the State party for its report and for its continuing cooperation in the constructive dialogue with the Committee. It takes note of the information submitted in the report as well as the oral presentation of the delegation of Greece.

150. Greece has complied with its obligation to submit an initial report and a second periodic report under article 19 of the Convention.

151. The Committee wishes to express its appreciation to Greece for its obvious willingness to deal with the various issues raised by the Committee.

B. Positive aspects
152. The Committee feels that Greece has a very advanced legislative and administrative scheme for the implementation of human rights values contained in the international instruments.

153. The Committee also regards as very positive the fact that the Government of Greece has continued to take practical measures to promote and protect human rights and in particular to bring about the total and effective eradication of torture and other similar treatment.

154. It is also encouraging that judicial and administrative proceedings have been undertaken to investigate violations of human rights, especially torture.

C. Subject of concern
155. However, the Committee is concerned at the practice of severe ill-treatment which seems to be an ongoing problem occurring in some police stations.

D. Recommendations
156. The Committee recommends that the advanced legislation in Greece for preventing the ill-treatment of accused persons be fully applied in practice.

157. The Committee also recommends that more attention be given to adequate training on the prohibition of torture to medical personnel.

158. In addition, the Committee expects to receive answers to the various questions addressed to the Greek delegation, especially those concerning refugees.


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