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Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture, Denmark, U.N. Doc. A/51/44, paras. 33-41 (1996).


Convention Abbreviation: CAT


Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture

A. Denmark

33. The Committee considered the second periodic report of Denmark (CAT/C/17/Add.13) at its 228th and 229th meetings, on 14 and 16 November 1995 (CAT/C/SR.228, 229 and 233/Add.1), and has adopted the following conclusions and recommendations:

1. Introduction

34. The Committee thanks the Government of Denmark for its report. It also listened with interest to the oral information and clarifications provided by the Danish representatives. The Committee wishes to thank the delegation for its replies and for the open-minded spirit and cooperation in which the dialogue was conducted.

2. Positive aspects

35. The Committee appreciates the determination of Denmark to guarantee respect for and protection of human rights, being one of the first States to accede without reservations to most of the international and regional instruments for the protection of such rights. Thus Denmark is a forefront State in the development of human rights standards.

36. The Committee notes with satisfaction that Denmark is playing a special role in the full rehabilitation of torture victims, and provides resources for that purpose through the Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims.

37. The Committee is also pleased to note the unique commitment of the authorities in Denmark in the field of education and information for the prevention of torture.

3. Subjects of concern

38. The Committee is nevertheless concerned about the allegations received from some non-governmental organizations concerning one case of apparent torture, and some cases of ill-treatment, and the alleged use of leglocks by police forces, as well as solitary confinement applied in some places of detention.

4. Recommendations

39. The Committee recommends that the State party give high priority consideration to the incorporation of the provisions of the Convention into its domestic law.

40. The Committee also recommends the enactment of a law in Denmark specifically on the crime of torture in conformity with article 1 of the Convention, so that all the elements of the definition of that offence contained in the said article are fully covered.

41. Furthermore, it is the view of the Committee that Denmark should take strong measures to bring to an end ill-treatment, which was reported in some police stations, to ensure that allegations in this regard are speedily and properly investigated, and that those who may be found guilty of acts of ill-treatment are prosecuted.


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