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Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture, Czech Republic,
U.N. Doc. A/50/44, paras. 86-94 (1995).


Convention Abbreviation: CAT


Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture

Czech Republic

86. The Committee considered the initial report of the Czech Republic (CAT/C/21/Add.2) at its 197th and 198th meetings, held on 11 November 1994 (see CAT/C/SR.197 and 198 and Add.2), and adopted the following conclusions and recommendations.

A. Introduction

87. The Czech Republic transmitted its report within five months of its due date, which is quite timely. The Committee notes with satisfaction that the Czech Republic has adopted most of the protections available under the Convention and has developed its own institutions to give effect to its obligations under the Convention.

88. The initial report was not accompanied by the core document providing general information on the State party, as requested in the Committee's guidelines, but apart from this, it met all the reporting requirements of the Convention.

B. Positive aspects

89. The Committee is pleased to recognize that the Czech Republic has adopted a definition of torture which is close to that in the Convention and has taken the steps necessary to ensure that it is a crime in that country.

90. The Committee also notes that in the Czech Republic all the necessary democratic institutions and safeguards are in place to ensure the implementation of the Convention.

91. The Committee also takes note of the expeditious and effective way in which the Czech authorities have dealt with allegations of abuse by police and prison officers, have set up a system of compensation and rehabilitation and take their educational responsibilities seriously.

92. The Czech Republic is a good example of a democratic State that has taken its commitments under the Convention seriously, and this is reflected in its institutions and practices.

C. Subjects of concern

93. There are no serious matters currently of concern to the Committee regarding implementation by the Czech Republic of the Convention.

D. Conclusions and recommendations

94. Even though the Czech Republic has not declared in favour of articles 21 and 22 and maintains its reservation on article 20 of the Convention, the Czech delegation explained that this was due to the weight of business in the legislative and executive fields and in no way reflects a lack of political will to remedy the situation. The Committee is confident that the Czech Republic will move to reform its situation in this regard and looks forward to its second periodic report.


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