Information for Participants, African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, Session 33 (15-29 May 2003), Niamey, Niger.


1.   General


            The 33rd Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) will be held in Niamey, The Republic of Niger, from 15th to 29th May 2003.


            The venue of the Session is the Palais de Congres, BP 11205, Niamey, Tel: (227) 72-33-00; Fax: (227) 73-38-89; E-Mail: .The opening session is scheduled is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. on 15th May 2003.


2.   Credentials


            Delegates and other participants are kindly requested to bring their official credentials duly signed by the appropriate authorities of their Governments or their respective organisations and hand them to the ACHPR Secretariat prior to registration.


3.   Registration and identification badges


            Participants are required to register and obtain identification badges prior to the opening of the Session.  There will be a registration counter for this purpose in the main lobby area outside the Conference Hall.  For those participants arriving late, registration can be done upon arrival.



            For identification and security reasons, all participants are requested to wear their badges at all times during the Session and at social functions.


4.   Immigration requirements


            All travellers arriving in Niamey, The Republic of Niger should have a valid passport.  Entry visas are required for all nationals who are not citizens of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and can be obtained at the Republic of Niger Diplomatic and Consular Representations abroad.  Each participant is therefore strongly requested to check the existence and the location of these Representations with the Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs of his/her country so as to obtain a visa before arriving in Niamey. Holders of AU and UN Laissez-Passers and diplomatic passports are issued free of charge with an entry visa upon arrival at the airport in Niamey.


Participants should send flight information to the ACHPR Secretariat Tel: (220) 392962 / 372070; Fax: (220) 390764


5.   Health requirements


            Visitors require yellow fever inoculations.  Participants are requested to take the necessary vaccination and travel with their vaccination cards.


6.   Weather


            During the month of May, The Republic of Niger could be very hot and humid. The temperature varies between 40°C and 45°C. It is thus advisable to carry light clothes, preferably cotton.


7.   Foreign exchange and banks


            All major convertible currencies and travellers cheques can be exchanged in The Republic of Niger. The local currency is the FCFA.  The current exchange rate is around 600.00 FCFA for US$1.


            Exchange operations can be done at the airport, the banks and hotels. Banks are open to the public from Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00am to 3.30pm in the afternoon and on Fridays from 8.00am to 11.00am (GMT).


8 Airline reservations


ü            A number of international airlines operate regularly to and from Niamey. A travel agency will be available at the Conference venue for flight reconfirmation or any other assistance.  However, it is recommended that participants secure their return/onward flights prior to their departure for Niamey.  Working hours of the main travel agencies are from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Participants are requested to check in their respective countries the best itinerary to travel to and from Niamey.


9.   Electricity



The voltage in The Republic of Niger is 220V AC accessible with 2 French type plugs.


10. Privileges and Immunities


Without prejudice to the privileges, immunities and facilities accorded to all participants, everyone must respect the laws and regulations of the Republic of Niger and to refrain from interference in the internal affairs of the country. No one is allowed to enter or photograph an area designated as prohibited or restricted. Breach of such regulations should be avoided at all times.  If in doubt, please seek advice.


11. Hotel accommodation


For participant’s accommodation, there are a variety of hotels in Niamey. A certain number of hotels are around the Conference Centre. The prices of hotel rooms are generally given in FCFA Francs.  Please see below for a list of hotels and their room prices. Note that the rates are special rates offered to the Government of the Republic of Niger for the 33rd Ordinary Session and are not the usual room prices.


Participants travelling to Niamey are advised to inform the ACHPR Secretariat not later than 17th April 2003.


12. Reception on arrival


            Provided that advance notice is given, participants will be met on arrival at the Niamey International Airport and will be assisted with the formalities regarding immigration, customs, etc. Consequently, expected date and time of arrival in Niamey with flight details should be notified as soon as possible to the ACHPR Secretariat.  Any subsequent changes should be similarly communicated to the ACHPR Secretariat.


13. Transport for State Delegates


            Transportation on arrival and departure for Member States delegates will be provided. 


14. Documents


            Participants will get the working documents of the Session at the time of registration. Participants are also advised to seek formal and written authorisation from the Secretary to the Commission for the distribution of their documents at the conference area.  No documents will be circulated without the written authorisation of the Secretary to the Commission.











  1. GRAND HOTEL DU NIGER – BP 471 Niamey – Tel: 73.26.41/42; Fax: 73.26.43. Panoramic sea view. Swimming pool. Refrigerator in rooms. Five minutes from commercial centre.   70 rooms comprising, 5 suits, 3 superior rooms, 25 ordinary rooms and 35 bungalows.  The prices vary from FCFA 45, 000.00 to FCFA 70, 000.00 for single and FCFA 55, 000.00 to FCFA 80, 000.00 for double. Breakfast and lunch is between FCFA 3, 000.00 and FCFA 7, 000.00.

  2. HOTEL TENERE – BP 10734, Niamey – Tel: 73.20.20 / 73.30.55; Fax: 73.30.45; NIF: 2982; E-Mail: 53 rooms available, comprising of apartments, single and double rooms and suites. Swimming pool. Refrigerator in rooms. The rates vary from FCFA 35, 000.00 for single rooms to FCFA 60, 000.00 for double, suites or apartments. Breakfast is from FCFA 2, 500.00 to FCFA        6, 000.00. Lunch and dinner cost FCFA 6, 000.00

  3. HOTEL SAHEL – BP 627, Niamey – Tel: (227) 73.24.31; Fax: (227) 73.20.98. 35 available rooms with air-conditioning. Restaurant, bar and salon. Prices range from FCFA 18, 500.00 to FCFA 32. 000.00. Breakfast is at FCFA 1, 800.00 and lunch and dinner cost FCFA 4, 500.00

  4. HOTEL SOFITEL GAWEYE – Place Kennedy, BP 11008, Niamey – Fax +1-801-315-7442. 240 rooms available, comprising of 8 presidential and 32 junior suites. Swimming pool. Refrigerator in rooms. Single rooms are at FCFA 70, 000.00 and junior and presidential suites are at FCFA 100, 000.00 and FCFA 150, 000.00 respectively.

  5. HOTEL TERMINUS – BP 882, Niamey – Tel: 73.2692/93, 73.22.52; Fax: 73.39.74; E-Mail: Bungalows and suites available. Swimming pool. Single rooms are at FCFA 28, 500.00 to FCFA 32, 000.00 and double rooms and suites cost from FCFA 40, 000.00 to FCFA 45, 000.00. Breakfast and lunch cost from FCFA 2, 200.00 to FCFA 5, 000.00

  6. HOTEL MAOUREY – BP 144, Niamey – Tel: 73.28.50. 19 rooms available including suites, ranging from FCFA 21, 000.00 for single rooms to FCFA 26, 000.00 for double and FCFA 32, 000.00 for suites. Breakfast and lunch cost from FCFA 1, 800.00 to

FCFA5, 000.00



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