Instructions on viewing the Adobe Acrobat documents available through the Human Rights Library.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here to obtain a free copy for the Windows PC environment.

Once you have downloaded the viewer, switch to Windows File Manger (Windows 3.1) or Windows Explorer (Win95) and locate the downloaded file "acroread.exe", then double click on "acroread.exe" to install the viewer.

If you have the viewer installed or have just downloaded it and you have switched back to your web browser, click on any of the PDF documents in the library. In the dialog box that follows, select "configure viewer" and find the directory "acroread" then select "acroread.exe." The next time you select a PDF document the viewer will be automaticlly opened.

After viewing the document it will remain stored in your temporary directory until you remove it.

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