University of Minnesota

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights



Article 3: Equality before the Law and Equal
Protection of the Law

Comm. 97/93: John K. Modise / Botswana
Comm. 204/97: Mouvement Burkinabé des Droits de l'Homme et des Peuples / Burkina Faso
Comm. 205/97: Kazeem Aminu / Nigeria
Comm. 211/98: Legal Resources Foundation / Zambia
Comm. 224/98: Media Rights Agenda / Nigeria
Comm. 233/99: Interights (on behalf of the Pan African Movement and Citizens for Peace in Eritrea) / Ethiopia and 234/99 Interights (on behalf of the Pan African Movement and Inter-Africa Group) / Eritrea
Comm. 241/01: Purohit and Moore / The Gambia
Comm. 253/02: Antoine Bissangou / Republic of Congo
Comm. 261/02: Interights et al. / Egypt
Comm. 264/02: Association Que Choisir Benin / Benin
Comm. 268/03: Illesami / Nigeria
Comm. 269/03: Interights on behalf of Safia Yakubu Husaini and et al. / Nigeria
Comm. 273/03: Centre for Advancement of Democracy, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution and Human Walfare / Nigeria



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