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African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights



Article 10: Freedom of Association

Comm. 48/90, 50/91, 52/91, 89/93: Amnesty International, Comité Loosli Bachelard, Lawyers Committe for Human Rights, Association of Members of the Episcopal Conference of East Africa / Sudan
Comm. 54/91, 61/91, 98/93, 164/97 à 196/97, 210/98: Malawi African Association, Amnesty International, Ms Sarr Diop, Union Interafricaine des Droits de l'Homme and RADDHO, Collectif des Veuves et Ayants-Droit, Association Mauritanienne des Droits de l'Homme / Mauritania
Comm. 101/93: Civil Liberties Organisation (in respect of the Nigerian Bar Association) / Nigeria
Comm. 144/95: William A. Courson / Equatorial Guinea
Comm. 147/95 and 149/96: Sir Dawda K. Jawara / The Gambia
Comm. 205/97: Kazeem Aminu / Nigeria
Comm. 225/98: Huri-Laws / Nigeria
Comm. 232/99: John D. Ouko / Kenya
Comm. 228/99: Law Office of Ghazi Suleiman / Sudan
Comm. 238/01: Institute for Human Rights and Development (on behalf of Sédar Tumba Mboyo) / Democratic Republic of Congo
Comm. 251/02: Lawyers for Human Rights / Swaziland
Comm. 273/03: Centre for Advancement of Democracy, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution and Human Welfare / Nigeria



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