University of Minnesota

Civil Liberties Organization v. Nigeria,
African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, Comm. No. 67/92 (1994).


67/92 Civil Liberties Organization v. Nigeria

Communication on alleged wrongful detention, dated February 25, 1992.

Final Decision

1. The Commission obtains information by letter Co.128/T/24 dated May 19, 1992, from the Government of Nigeria and other independent sources that the affair was being amicably resolved and therefore closes the file. (Article 50 of the Charter)[1].



[1] The reference to article 50 which deals with local remedies under the procedure of State Communication is inaccurate for this Communication from non State party. Even though, if the use of this article in several decisions can help the Commission to decide, the legality of such a decision according to the Charter is subject to many doubts.


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