African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies


11th Training Course on the Use of International Human Rights Procedures

for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Africa

25th - 30th April 2003, Niamey Niger, The Gambia.


The African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHRS) is a Pan- African organisation, established in The Gambia in 1989.Since its inception, the Centre has been at the forefront in promoting and protecting human rights and democracy in Africa, through training, action-oriented research, publications and documentation.The 11th Training Course on the Use of International Human Rights Procedures for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Africa, is one of the main tools of ACDHRS to promote and protect human rights in Africa.




The main objective of this Course is to build the capacities of young human rights activists,on the use of regional and international instruments and mechanisms to promote and protect in Africa.This Course anticipates that participants would seize their governments and relevant national, regional or global human rights institutions on issues regarding the rights of women in their countries, and also embark on human rights education programmes.


The training course is conducted in both English and French with simultaneous interpretations.The Course comprise general lectures, debates, simulation sessions, round table discussions etc, that focus on the African Human Rights System, The United Nations Human Rights System and International Human Rights Law..


Other topics such as the African Union and the New Partnership for African Development and what they hold for the African woman would also be analysed, as well as the Human Rights aspects of HIV/AID in Africa.




Resource persons would be eminent African human rights experts.



There are only very limited numbers of scholarships available for the training course.Candidates wishing to apply for these limited scholarships should do so early. However, applicants who can secure their own funding would be automatically selected to participate. Candidates would be responsible for all pre- departure expenses including communication, medical, visa, passports etc expenses, as well as all transit expenses, as their contribution to the Course.


The cost of participation is roughly estimated at $500 inclusive of accommodation, food, administration expenses and tuition. The scholarships offered by ACDHRS include airfare, board, lodging, tuition documents and administration costs.



The Course would take place for 6 days, from 25th to30th April 2003, in Niamey, Niger,.



Candidates must meet the following requirements to be accepted:





All application should reach the ACDHRS on or before 21st February 2003.Late applications would not be accepted. Successful applicants would be informed of their selection by 15th March2003. Candidates are encouraged to send their applications by fax or email. Below is the contact address of the African Centre.


The Executive Director

African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies

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Tel: (220) 462340

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The African Centre reserves the right to cancel or postpone this training course for reasons it deems valid


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African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies

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