University of Minnesota

Human rights and scientific and technological developments

Commission on Human Rights decision 1998/104

At its 51st meeting, on 17 April 1998, the Commission on Human Rights, taking note of resolution 1997/42 of 28 August 1997 of the Sub­Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, recalling that at its current session the Commission will not consider the agenda item entitled "Human rights and scientific and technological developments", recalling its resolution 1997/22 of 11 April 1997 in which the Commission, inter alia, requested the Sub­Commission to give particular attention to the process of selection of studies, and reiterating that studies to be undertaken by members of the Sub­Commission should be based on extended working papers in which the subject and purpose of the proposed study are clearly identified, decided, without a vote, to request the Sub­Commission to reconsider its recommendation to appoint a special rapporteur on human rights and scientific and technological developments.

[See chap. XV.]

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