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Remote Access
The WebNow system, like the PeopleSoft servers, is behind the University of Minnesota's firewall to ensure greater data security. In order to gain access to these servers remotely, from home or while traveling, the remote computer must be configured properly.

There are two possible ways to access the U of M's network remotely. The first is to connect via the University's modem pool. The modem pool is a dial-up connection that accesses the University's network. The second option is to install the University's VPN client. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN client creates a secure tunnel or virtual private network connection between your computer and the University's network. The U of M VPN client can be download using the link provided below:

If you are using a high-speed Internet connection such as digital cable or DSL, then you should choose to use the University's VPN. To install the University of Minnesota's VPN client go to and choose the download link that corresponds to your computer's operating system.

  1. Cable Internet, DSL, T-1, T-3, or ISDN
  2. Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT 4.0; Mac OS X 10.2 and later or 10.1; Redhat Linux; Solaris 8

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