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JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Mac OS X Updates
WebNow uses Java to display information using your web browser. This requires that you have the latest Java Virtual Machine plug-in installed for your browser.

If you are using Mac OS X, you will need to update your Mac OS X to version 10.3.4 or higher prior to installing the JVM update. To update Mac OS X, go to the Apple menu and select "Software Update", and in the list that appears choose "Mac Update Combined".

To update your Java software use the "Software Update" control panel in Mac OS 9, or the "Software Update" pane in System Preferences in Mac OS X. You can also visit Apple Software Downloads at to see what software is available to download.

Apple Macintosh Browser Requirements

For OS X
The following browser is the only one compatible at this time with WebNow and the Mac OS X environment:
  1. Apple Safari 1.2 or newer with JVM 1.4.2
For OS earlier than OS X
If you are using a Macintosh with an operating system earlier than OS X, the following browsers are compatible with WebNow:
  1. Microsoft IE 5.1 or newer
  2. Netscape 6.2 or newer
Display Issues
There have been a few users who have reported that documents do not display when first attempting to open them. A window pops up, but there is no visible document. However, if the user clicks on the "next page" button, the next page appears. If the user then tries to go back to the first page it will now view properly.

We recommend first attempting to update the Java Virtual Machine as detailed above. If the problem persists, sometimes resizing the pop up window will make the document visible. These suggestions should allow users to view documents while this issue continues to be investigated.

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