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Scanning Tools
Scanner Configurator
This page gives a way to search for scanners are compatible with the Kofax Adrenaline and VRS software used by ImageNow in document scanning. First, choose the manufacturer from the drop down list provided, and then the scanners which are produced by that company are listed in the Scanner drop down list. Choosing one of those options will bring up a list of "certified combinations". Some scanners will work with both Adrenaline or VRS, and some with only one or the other.
Please note that even if the scanner is certified for Adrenaline or VRS by Kofax, it may not work with ImageNow. ImageNow requires the use of ISIS drivers, so be sure the scanner supports ISIS drivers. A scanner that only supports TWAIN drivers will not work with ImageNow, even if it is certified by Kofax.
Scanners Recommended by Perceptive Software
Perceptive Software has tested and certified a number of different scanners to work with ImageNow. Different makes and models are included with a broad range of features and cost. To get a current list of recommended scanners, contact us
Monitor DPI calculator
This allows you to see what resolution your monitor can display. Most monitors average around 90 dpi, vs. scanners which average between 240-300 dpi.
Perceptive Software Inc.
Developer's of the ImageNow software package.

Scanning Manufacturers
The following links to scanner manufacturers will give you an idea of what is available. But note that not all scanners will work with ImageNow. Use the scanner configurator above, or contact the Enterprise Imaging Team to help you select a scanner.

Fujitsu's Scanners
HP's Scanners
Canon's Scanners
Epson's Scanners
Kodak's scanners

University of Minnesota Resources

U of M Security Policies
This site defines the acceptable use of the University's information technology resources.
UWide Libraries
This web site has University administrative information and documents such as policies, forms, contracts and more.
OIT Security
News and announcements, system status, guidelines, resources, and tools.
U of M TechMart
Purchase computers, scanners and other hardware and software online.
Records & Information Management
This site has information on University policies for document retention, storage, and destruction.
Record Retention Policy
This site has further information on University policies on document retention, storage, and archiving.
EFS Imaging
Information about Enterprise Financial Systems Imaging.

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