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Security ID Program Procedures

Roles and Responsibilities

Security Coordinators

Security Coordinators are your unit's main contact for Security ID Badge program questions. For a complete list of Primary Security Coordinators, please click here. Specific roles and responsibilities include:

  • Manage employee badges
  • Check in/out guest badges
  • Order badges
  • Pickup and distribute badges
  • Reviews BMS reports
  • Monitors Security ID Badge compliance within the department

Administrative Coordinator of Enterprise Systems (HR ACES)

The Administrative Coordinator of Enterprise Systems (also referred to as HR ACES), are responsible for ordering Security ID badges in PeopleSoft. In many cases, a unit's Security Coordinator is also appointed the HR ACE. Specific roles and responsibilities include:

  • Manage employee badges
  • Order badges
  • Pickup printed badges
  • Reviews BMS reports


How to Get Security ID Badges

Department Security Coordinators are responsible for ordering badges for department staff.  Security ID Badges are printed at the U Card Office. Employees of departments using in person processing must go to the U Card Office in person to have a photo taken and get the badge printed. Employees of departments using batch processing need to have a valid photo on file (a photo less than 5 years old) at the U Card Office in order for the badges to be printed. A designated department pick up person will obtain the employees’ badges and distribute them accordingly.

Ordering New, Replacement or Renewal Security ID Badges

Each department is responsible for ordering Security ID Badges for new employees, contract staff, visitors and volunteers, and for renewing expired badges. The department Security Coordinator is delegated with this responsibility, as well as the task of retrieving and disNovember 6, 2012 Employees retrieving new Security ID Badges will be required to take a photo.

Security ID Badges for People Who Work in More than One Department

Faculty and staff who hold appointments in multiple departments will be issued a Security ID Badge that identifies them with their primary department. This rationale is based upon employment status that is continuous nature.

Students who hold multiple positions in unrelated areas will receive a Security ID Badge from each department. This rationale is based upon employment status that is transient in nature.  Students are the only persons who may require multiple badges.

Name Appearing on Badges

An employee’s legal name is required to appear on the Security ID Badge, just as it would on a government-issued form of identification. Preferred names are not allowed. The only exception to the legal name requirement is the use of an employee’s professional name (i.e. the name on medical license). The professional name may appear on the employee’s badge if this is the name that is on his/her transcripts or license.

Guest Badges

Badges for people who are not employees of the University are ordered as guest badges by the department. The department Security Coordinator is responsible for ordering and retrieving the necessary quantity of guest badges. Guest badges can be checked out to individuals, and after being checked in, may be reassigned to other individuals. Badges that are returned in a condition acceptable for reuse will remain in the possession of the department to be later distributed to other guests. Damaged badges will be sent to the U Card Office to be destroyed, and the Badge Management System (BMS) will be updated accordingly.

Paying for Security ID Badges

Each department is responsible for the cost of new and replacement Security ID Badges for employees, contract staff, visitors and volunteers.  The U Card Office will bill departments $6.50 per badge via the University Financial System. A valid financial account must be furnished before badges are produced.

Retrieving Security ID Badges from the U Card Office

Departments may employ one of two processes for obtaining Security ID Badges, as approved by the Department of Central Security (DCS):

    1. Individual process- Departments will direct employees to the U Card Office to obtain their Security ID Badges. Employees will be required to take a new photo.
    2. Batch process- The department Security Coordinators will pickup the Security ID Badges in batches and distribute them accordingly. The Security Coordinator must pick up badges at the U Card Office within in 30 days of production. Badges that are not picked up in 30 days will be deactivated and destroyed.

Notes:  Individuals and department Security Coordinators are required to provide government-issued identification (i.e. Driver’s License, state ID, military ID, passport and tribal ID) to the U Card Office Staff in order to receive Security ID Badges.

Using Your Security ID Badge

Security ID Badges must be worn face up, above the waist at all times. Badges are for the recipient’s use only and may not be loaned or transferred to anyone. Employees are also prohibited from duplicating or defacing the badge. Employees who violate these badge requirements may be subject to disciplinary action by the University.

Wearing Your Security ID Badge

Employees working in non public or high risk areas are required to wear Security ID Badges while at work. In addition, service providers and those who are legally required to wear identification are also required to wear Security ID Badges. It is important to wear your badge at all times to help protect University assets and ensure the personal safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors. Departments who are not required to wear Security ID Badges but elect to join the program as a way to provide visual identification for staff are encouraged to wear their Security ID Badges at all times as well.

Canceling Badge Requests

Badge requests for employees who no longer need the badge may be canceled by the program coordinator. Security Coordinators may delete the row under which the badge was ordered in PeopleSoft but due to ‘near-real time’ processing, there is no guarantee the order will not process. Thus, please contact the program coordinator to ensure that a request is canceled

Lost or Damaged Security ID Badges

Employees are encouraged to notify their department Security Coordinators as soon as possible in regards to a missing Security ID Badge. The department Security Coordinator will update the Badge Management System (BMS) and request a replacement badge. All badges reported as lost or stolen will be immediately and permanently deactivated.

Employees are required to inform their department Security Coordinator when a badge is damaged. The Security Coordinator will then request a replacement badge. Upon issuance of a replacement badge, the damaged badge must be surrendered to the department Security Coordinator.

All found and damaged Security ID Badges should be returned to the following addresses:

For cards on the Twin Cities Campus:
U Card Office
Coffman Memorial Union, Room G22
300 Washington Ave SE

For cards on the Duluth Campus:
U Card Office

127 Kirby Plaza
1208 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812
(218) 726-8814

The U Card Office will destroy these badges and record the action in BMS.


Security ID Badges are deactivated and destroyed when employees are terminated from the position for which the badge was issued.  Upon notification of termination, the department Security Coordinator will conduct an exit interview and complete the Security Access Checklist. The employee is required to return the Security ID Badge to the coordinator on the last day of employment in the position for which the badge was issued, or as is most practical to achieve department needs.

Temporary Leave for Faculty or Staff

Security ID Badge privileges will be temporarily suspended for faculty and staff who are temporarily away from work due to approved absence such as medical leave, sabbatical, etc. The department Security Coordinator will change the Badge status in BMS to hold status, which will remain in effect until the coordinator is notified of the employee’s return to work.

Temporary Leave for Student Employee

Student status is considered temporary in nature and any leave from employment (semester breaks, medical, etc.) will result in termination of Security ID Badge privileges.  Thus, the department Security Coordinator will retrieve all student badges prior to semester break. Students who end or leave their student status for any reason must return their Security ID Badge to the department from which the badge was issued.

Expired Security ID Badges

Badges expire in 5 years after the order date. The badge expiration date (month/year) is printed on the badge. Badges are automatically deactivated on the expiration date. The employee as well as the Primary Security Coordinator and Primary ACE from the department in which the employee works will receive an automated email notification about the badge’s expiration.

Note: The BMS will not date badges to expire in June, July or August due to the workload at the U Card Office during these months. The expiration dates for badges ordered in the following months are as follows:

May 15- badges ordered June 1-July 15
September 15- badges ordered July 16-August 31

How to Approach a Stranger

Tips for approaching someone who is not wearing a Security ID Badge:

  1. Act as if you are a greeter in a retail store — be friendly, ask if he/she needs help.
  2. Offer directions or, better yet, offer to escort him/her to a specific office or work area.
  3. If he/she resists help or becomes hostile when approached, call 911 to reach the UMPD.

If someone appears suspicious and you’re uncomfortable approaching him/her, call 911.

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