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Protect Your System Access

Your individual system access is one of your most valuable assets. It's part of what makes you able to do your work, and it is worth protecting.

Whether you gain access to an Enterprise System via an individual ID and password, or using a security token, how you protect your systems access says a lot about you.

Start by adopting these positive behaviors:

1. Keep your systems access IDs/passwords/security tokens under your control.

  • Do not share your individual access ID/password combination with anyone else under any circumstances.
  • Keep password lists and security tokens locked up when not in use.
  • Do not include passwords in any documentation or notes you write as part of your job.

2. Protect against identity theft.

  • Enter passwords into a system only when someone else isn't able to see you do it.
  • If you gain systems access over the Intenet, clear your cache between using applications, and before logging off your system.
  • Refuse anyone who asks to use your individual ID, password, or security token. Feel free to contact OIT Data Security at if you would like support, or more information.

3. Protect your desktop.

  • Use a power-on password.
  • Use a screen-saver for when you step away from your desk temporarily.
  • Log off your system any time you will be away from your desk for an extended period of time.
  • If someone else needs to use your desktop, make sure that you have cleared your cache and logged off completely first.
  • Make sure that any technical work done to your desktop is performed only by University-authorized personnel.
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