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IT Provisioning & Requests (formerly Data Security) designs and manages information access and systems security for the University's Enterprise Systems, including PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse and Reporting systems. We partner with the Student, Financial and Human Resources Data Custodians to respond to your access needs.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

The University uses a two-factor authentication system for users who need access to its enterprise-level applications (e.g., CS PeopleSoft, EFS PeopleSoft, EDMS and the Data Warehouse) and for the underlying servers and databases. Currently the University uses the M Key hardware token for two-factor authentication.

The University is transitioning to a cloud-based two-factor authentication solution to provide users with easier access to enterprise-level applications. Duo Security provides two-factor authentication as a service, which means there's no software to install and no costly hardware to purchase and maintain, allowing the University to invest money saved on academic initiatives. [more info.]


Access Request Form & approvals in ServiceNow

As part of the commitment to Operational Excellence, the IT Provisioning & Request team is in the process of converting the Access Request Form (ARF) and fax approval processes into the University's ServiceNow Request catalog tool. The ARF process is used by University affiliates to gain access to enterprise systems that contain private data, and/or transaction systems that require additional authentication beyond the standard Internet ID and password authentication.

By incorporating the process into ServiceNow, users will experience a more efficient, streamlined process and enhanced collaboration and coordination with central IT and other units across campus. In addition to users initiating requests and receiving approvals via ServiceNow, they also will have the ability to track their requests online by clicking on the Request number found in the automated confirmation email received when a request is submitted.







Access Request Form (ARF)

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