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ServiceNow and the ARF

The University's help desk tool, ServiceNow, improves collaboration and coordination with central IT and other IT units across campus. IT Data Security is in the process of converting the Access Request Form (ARF) and FAX approval processess into the ServiceNow Request Catalog tool. The Request Catalog workflow process will be used to obtain access approvals via the tool and will provide requesters the ability to track their requests online by clicking on the Request number found in the automated email you receive from ServiceNow.

Access Request Form (ARF) & attachments:

As IT Provisioning & Requests converts more ARF attachments into distinct ServiceNow requests you will find that some of the links below will take you directly into the ServiceNow for that type of access. Other links will open a PDF. Please follow the instructions below.

Linked directly into ServiceNow?
Complete the required fields for these defined requests and place your order, no attachment will be necessary.

Link opens a PDF?
1. Download and save the PDF prior to filling it out.
2. Open the downloaded PDF, complete the fields on the PDF and re-save it.
3. Open the Access Request Form (ARF) in ServiceNow
4. Complete the ARF and attach the PDF from Step 2.

           Note: Before attaching your PDF to the SN Access Request Form, please verify that your
                     attachment is not blank. Some browsers are not saving changes.

5. Click the "Order Now" button to complete and send your request!

Student Systems & Data
CS PeopleSoft & Other Student Systems
    A-Plus     Education Abroad (PeopleSoft)    Reporting Center Coming Soon!
    APAS     Grades    STAR (Scholarship Tracking & Reporting)
    DARwin Client (Oracle table access)     PCAS (College, Campus & AHC)    8.9 Student PeopleSoft
    Electronic Course Sched. (ECS)     PCAS (Central Admin Approver Roles)    9.0 Student PeopleSoft Coming Soon!
    ECAS (Dept & College Approver Roles)     Promotional Scholarship Proc.    UM Reports
    ECAS (Central Admin Approver Roles)     Scholarship Entry    U Honors Program (PeopleSoft)
    ECRT (Effort Certification)     Scholarship Posting  
Data Warehouse Tables (containing student data)
    ADM/Prospective Student (DWAD)     Graduate Students (DWGR)     Student Financials (DWSF)
    Course (DWSR)     Loan Management (DWLM)     Student Loans (DWSL)
    DARwin (DWDW)     Non-Credit (DWNC)     Student Selector (DWSS)
    Education Abroad (DWEA)     Program & Curriculum (DWPC)     TAPS (DWTP static data)
    Financial Aid (DWFA)     Student Enrollment (DWSA)     Tuition Attribution (DWTA)
HR Systems & Data
    HR PeopleSoft     HR Data Warehouse (DWHR)
    HR Position Mgmt     Payroll Data Warehouse (DWPY)


AudienceView Box Offices forms - Includes CCAD for AV
Note: Submission of these ARF attachments is restricted. Forms submitted by unauthorized persons and/or departments
will not be processed.
    CSH (Center for Spirituality & Healing)     UMDSFA (UMD School of Fine Arts)
    ETS (Enterprise Ticketing System)     UMF (U of M Foundation)
    UMATO (U of M Ticket Office)     UMM (Student Activities, Conferences, and Special Events)
    UMDGLN (UMD Glensheen)  


Other Systems & Data
Miscellaneous Applications
    BPEL (RAR only)     Moodle (Admin & Support access)     UM Analytics
    ImageNow/WebNow     Quality Center     U-Space
        includes U-Space data in:
        small bullet U-Space Application
        small bullet Visual Map
        small bullet UM Analytics
        small bullet DWSP - Data Warehouse tables
    IT Hosted Databases     REPA
    ITG Center     Two Factor Authentication
    Manager's Page     2008R2 SQL Server     X.500 Real Time Data Feed
Credit Card Environment (CCAD) - Not requried for AudienceView
    CCAD - End User's       
        small bullet Colegel of Continuing Education (CCE)
        small bullet Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA)
        small bullet Student Unions (SUA)
        small bullet Water Resources Center (WRC)
    CCAD - IT Admin Support       
        small bullet ICA-IT
        small bullet SUA-IT
        small bullet OIT-IT

Data Warehouse Tables
    Capital Projects (DWCP)     RAR  (DWRA)     U-Space (DWSP)
    Inventory (DWIN)     Social Security # (DWSN)     U Stores (DWUS)
EDMS Reports (Enterprise Doc Mgmt Sys)
    Central HR Reports     Dept HR/Payroll Reports     Library Reports
    Central Student Reports     IT Data Security Reports  
PeopleSoft Department specific attachments for:
Dept of Audits Enterprise Learning (OHR)  
Central Unit PeopleSoft Support Admissions Call Center Student Employee  



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