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Change of Employment Status

Requests for access to Enterprise systems are granted to employees based upon their current job requirements. The assignment of individual Access or an Access Role is employee and job specific; access privileges may not be assigned or transferred to another person at any time.

If an employee has a change of employment status, the Change of Employment Status Form should be used to provide the notification to IT Data Security. Please follow the applicable procedure below.

1. Download the Change of Employment Form and save it to your desktop.
NOTE: If you update the PDF before saving it to your desktop your changes may not save.
2. Open the Change of Employment Form and update the information as indicated, save your changes.
3. Open the Access Request Form (ARF) in ServiceNow
4. Be sure to select “No” to the question “Is this request for someone other than yourself?”
    a. This will prevent the person you identify on this form from receiving an automated email.
    b. It also eliminates the need for the person you identify to approve the request which will delay or stop the process.
    c. Data Security will make the requested action against the person you identify on this attachment.
5. Attach the completed Change of Employement Form to your ARF in ServiceNow and complete your request by
    clicking the “Order Now” button.

No 3rd party for COES forms

Employee Terminations
The department that loses an employee through termination is responsible for notifying OIT Data Security of the termination. If the terminated employee was in possession of an M Key, it should be returned to IT Data Security at:
IT Data Security
2218 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Del Code 2171A

Transfer or Change of Department
A department which loses an employee through transfer or a change of department is responsible for notifying IT Data Security. If the transferred employee was in possession of an M Key the employee can take the M Key with them to their new department.

The hiring/new department is responsible for submitting an Access Request Form for the employee's new position. Because access privileges are employee and job specific, they must be requested by the hiring department, even in those situations where the employee may have had similar privileges in a previous position.

Note: The employee should take their M Key with them to their new department.

Leaves of Absence (LOA)
Leaves in excess of six (6) weeks indicate than an employee's access privileges should be suspended. Notification to IT Data Security may be made through the Change of Employment Status Form. This form need not be submitted for LOAs or vacations consisting of six weeks or less.

Employees returning from an LOA can have their access resumed by contacting the IT Technology Helpline at: 612-301-HELP (4357).

Since another employee may not use the access privileges of an employee on leave, departments may wish to assess access needs as part of planning for an LOA.

Partial Delete of Access Due to Changes in Job Requirements
The Change of Employment Status Form may be used in those circumstances where an employee determines that his or her current position no longer requires access to a particular Enterprise system or its data. In this case, the employee may indicate which access rights should be deleted.


An employee who once had access to CS PeopleSoft or directly to the Data Warehouse, finds that his or her information needs are met through a Web report.

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