Susan Hadley, M.P.H.

Susan M. Hadley is the founder of WomanKind, the uniquely integrated domestic abuse program of the Fairview Health System and the director of the WomanKind Training and Resource Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The premier model program of its kind in the country, WomanKind of the Fairview Health System, has brought about revolutionary change in the medical system's response to victims of domestic abuse. Through Ms. Hadley's tireless efforts, WomanKind was conceived and implemented in 1986. WomanKind is the prototype for providing integrated, structured services and resources for victims of domestic abuse, education and consultation for health care professionals and awareness of the dynamics of abuse for the community.

Ms. Hadley received her MPH at the University of Minnesota (1989) where she was elected to Delta Omega, Honorary Public Health Society. Ms. Hadley also holds a BS degree in Education (1966) where she was elected to Kappa Delta Pi (Honor Society in Education) and a BS degree in Medical Technology (1972) from the University of Wisconsin.

Author, educator, and nationally recognized expert on health care intervention for domestic abuse, Ms. Hadley's pioneering work has brought about change in the medical system's response to victims of domestic abuse so that health professionals treat more than just the presenting physical problem, and also address the underlying causes of the medical or mental health problems. Ms. Hadley has received numerous awards and recognition for her innovative work in health care intervention for domestic abuse.

Ms. Hadley is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences and often interviewed for local, national media and professional publications. Ms. Hadley has written numerous articles on the subject of health system intervention for domestic abuse. Her first book, "Prevention in Practice: The Health Professional's Guide to Domestic Abuse" is currently being published. Ms. Hadley is nationally respected for here role in facilitating the paradigm shift from "medical care into health care" and from "early intervention into prevention."

Ms. Hadley is a member of several national advisory boards and committees including the Family Violence Prevention Fund Experts/Advisory Committee, and Domestic Violence Report Advisory Board. She is a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, the American Medical Association and the Minnesota Medical Association.

In 1992, Ms. Hadley was one of the co-authors of the AMA Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines on Domestic Abuse. Ms. Hadley recently participated in the Lifetime Women's Summit, a national invitational meeting of 100 outstanding women from across the country in Washington DC. Ms. Hadley is also Adjunct Faculty of the University of Minnesota Medical School and the University of Minnesota Nursing School.

Ms. Hadley is a consultant on health system intervention for domestic abuse, program development and implementation, education and training.

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