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News and Updates - Council on Public Engagement (COPE)

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Purpose of RFP: COPE has money available to award grants for the purpose of strengthening public engagement across the university.

Due Date: Applications are due Friday, December 3, 2004. Send 10 copies to Chris Frazier, 234 Morrill Hall, 100 Church Street, Mpls, MN, 55455.

Amount of Awards: Grants will range up to $5000. Size of awards may be lower than amounts requested.

Timing of Projects: Grants will be announced in January 2005. Projects may be proposed for Spring semester, 2005, Summer, 2005, or Fall semester, 2005.

Cover Sheet: A separate cover sheet must include the following items:
- project title and any relevant web site
- principal investigator: name, department, college, campus address, phone number, fax and email address
- project abstract of about 250 words
- signature of Principal Investigator (s)
- signature of unit head or chair and appropriate dean or other administrator


Description of Project:
- indicate specific goals, activities, and expected outcomes of the proposed project
- identify the innovative features and longer-term impact of the project in strengthening civic/public engagement in your unit(s)
- identify other faculty, students, or community partners involved as participants in the project

Evaluation of Project: Describe in detail how the success of the completed project will be evaluated.

Sustainability and Dissemination:
- describe how this project will be incorporated as a regular part of your and your units professional activities
- indicate what institutional support your unit will provide to maintain the project over time
- indicate how this project will be disseminated to colleagues or integrated into the curriculum

Timetable and Budget: On a separate page provide:
- a schedule for implementation of the project, including the semester in which the project will be completed
- a budget, indicating the amount requested, any cost sharing and the categories of expenditures with specific costs in each category

Conditions of the Awards:
- recipients agree to provide an accounting of expenditures, a report of accomplishments, and the results of project evaluations within three months of completion of the project
- recipients agree to participate in public presentations, discussions, and dissemination of the project
- proposals must be approved by unit chairs or heads and appropriate deans or other administrators
- grants cannot be used to fund currently ongoing activities
- recipients of previous civic/public engagement grants are ineligible for an additional award
- the proposal should include 4 pages: cover sheet (1), project description etc. (2), budget (1)

-innovative project
-integrates public scholarship, civic learning, and community partnerships
-multi/inter-disciplinary approach
-multi-unit participation
-involvement of undergraduate students, graduate students, or RAs
-partnership with community group(s) or organization(s)
-department/college approval
-likelihood of sustainability
-long term impact of the program
-institutional support to maintain the project over time
-dissemination plan/integration into curriculum
-use of technology to enhance/support public engagement

QUESTIONS AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Please contact Chris Frazier, Office of Planning and Academic Affairs, 612-625-9682,

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