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Disclaimer: Inclusion on this list does not indicate preference or official sponsorship of the organization by The Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education. The resources may or may not necessarily reflect The Aurora Center’s mission or philosophy. This limited resource page serves to help you get started in finding a resource that best fits your needs.

For additional resources on the issue of gender violence: Recommended Reading and More

We also recommend checking out for an extensive clearinghouse of information and reading materials.

Resources for University of Minnesota Students, Faculty, and Staff

Not Affiliated with the U of M? A list of agencies in the Twin Cities

Emergency Shelter Information

Child Abuse and Incest Resources

Resources for Prostituted Women

Resources for Perpetrators

National Resources for Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, and Stalking

Resources for University of Minnesota Students, Faculty, and Staff

General for Students, Staff, and Faculty

  • Boynton Women’s Clinic
    Gynecology; birth control, pregnancy, and STD/STI information
    Business: (612) 625-4607
    Address: Boynton, 2nd floor
  • GLBTA Programs Office
    Equity / Support
    Transgender Commission
    Transgender Advocacy
    Business: (612) 625-0537
    Address: 46 Appleby Hall
  • The Women's Center
    Women’s Equality and Advancement
    Business: (612) 625-9837
    Address: 64 Appleby

Student specific

Staff and Faculty specific

  • Employee Assistance Program
    Professional Consultation / Mental Health
    Business: (612) 625-2820 (Civil Service) or (612) 625-4073 (Faculty and Academic Staff)
    Address: 209 Dunhowe

Not affiliated with the UMN?

Below are Twin Cities agencies that provide similar services to The Aurora Center

  • Sexual Violence Center
    Sexual Assault
    Crisis: (612) 871-5111
    Business: (612) 871-5100
    Address: 3757 Fremont Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412
  • Tubman
    Relationship Violence / Legal / Safe Housing
    Crisis: (612) 825-000
    Business: (612) 825-3333
    Address: 3111 First Avenue South Minneapolis, MN
    (also serves East side of St. Paul)

Emergency Shelter Information


  • Alexandra House (763) 780-2330
  • B. Robert Lewis House (651) 452-7288
  • Casa De Esperanza (651) 772-1723
  • Cornerstone Advocacy Service (952) 884-0330
  • Harriet Tubman Center (612) 825-0000
  • Home Free (763) 559-4945
  • Sojourner Project for Battered Women (952) 933-7422
  • Women of Nations (651) 222-5830
  • Women’s Advocates Inc. (651) 227-8284
  • Women’s Recovery Center (651) 484-7840

Child Abuse and Incest

Because The Aurora Center primarily serves a college campus population, we generally refer people concerned about child abuse to agencies who specifically work with incest and child sexual abuse.

General for Children, Teen, and Adult Survivors

Adult Survivor Specific

  • Sexual Violence Center (SVC)
    Counseling and Support Groups
    Business: (612) 871-5100
    24 hour Crisis Line: (612) 871-5111
    Address: 3757 Fremont Ave. N Minneapolis, MN 55412
  • Adults Recovering from Incest Anonymous (ARIA)
    Support groups - Women only
    Business: (763) 591-5916
    Address: P.O. Box 24692
    Minneapolis, MN 55424
  • Rape and Sexual Abuse Center
    Counseling and Support Groups
    Business: (612) 374-9077
    24 hour Crisis Line: (612) 825-4357
    Address: 2431 Hennepin Ave. S
    Minneapolis, MN 55405
  • Relate Counseling Center
    Business: (952) 932-7277
    Address: 15320 Minnetonka Blvd.
    Minneapolis, MN 55345
  • Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey County (SOS)
    Counseling and Support Groups
    Business: (651) 643-3022
    24 hour Crisis Line: (651) 643-3006
    Address: 1619 Dayton Ave., Suite 201
    St. Paul, MN 55104

 Child/Teen Survivors Specific

  • African American Family Services (AAFS)
    Business: (612) 871-7878
    Address: 2616 Nicollet Ave. S
    Minneapolis, MN 55408

Prostituted Women

  • Breaking Free
    Help for prostituted women and girls
    Business: (651) 645-6557
    Location: St. Paul, MN
  • Youth Link
    Help for youth in need / Prostituted youth
    Business: (612) 252-1200
    Address: 41 N 12th Street Minneapolis, MN
  • Women's Recovery Center
    Chemical Dependency / Prostitution
    Business: (651) 484-7840
    Location: North Oaks, MN

Resources for Perpetrators

  • Domestic Abuse Project
    Relationship Violence / Legal / Treatment for Men
    Business: (612) 874-7063
    Address: 204 W Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN

National organizations

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Survivor Manual
Find Healing Resources, Encouraging and Empowering Pathways out of pain and Healing Techniques that can help survivors move forward in their lives.

Pandy's Aquarium
Online support group for survivors of sexual violence

National Sexual Violence Resource Center
877-739-3895 (Toll Free)

1 in 6
Serving men with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

Male Survivor
Overcoming sexual victimization of boys and men

National Child Abuse Hotline

National Stalking Resource Center